Pearce Forcier Memorial Hockey Scholarship is a non-profit organization that offers full hockey scholarships to Kitsap County’s youth.

On July 3, 2010, we lost Pearce in an accident off the coast of Oregon. As a way to help family and friends heal, we established the Pearce Forcier Memorial Hockey Scholarship in Kitsap County on April 25, 2011.

Pearce loved playing hockey and mentoring younger children so we wanted to keep his passions alive. Realizing the expense of playing the sport of hockey, we created this organization to help the kids of Kitsap County fulfill their dreams of playing hockey in honor of Pearce.

Thank You for helping us make this year’s rummage sale a huge success!


We recently held the 5th annual rummage sale to benefit Pearce Forcier
Memorial Hockey Scholarship. This was by far the most successful sale to date.
There are many people and organizations that helped us meet and exceed our goals. First and foremost our family and friends help all year long. These people haul, sort, clean and price. I am amazed at how generous everyone is donating outstanding items to us. Of course, we have to store these great items so we depend on friends and local storage companies. Marketing our organization is a big part of our success whether through newspaper ads, social media or handing out fliers.

This year, without a doubt, our location played a big part in our success. High visibility, great parking and a roof over our heads was a real advantage.
We could not have done this well without the support of our volunteers,
Tide Investments, Poulsbo Mini Storage, Paisley Place Interiors and Kiwanis of Poulsbo.

Once again our family, friends and community stepped up and helped us so we can help others. We are so grateful that words aren’t enough to express our feelings.

rummage sale photo

We are ready for the 2016-2017 hockey season and have already got quite a few scholarship requests. That is what we are all about, helping kids who would like to play. Pearce would be proud of us all! It will be 6 years on July 3rd that we lost Pearce. It seems time has flown by but also stood still. His son turned 6 years old in May and we are so lucky to have him in our life. We miss Pearce everyday and hope that this scholarship will keep his memory alive.

Thanks to everyone for helping our family heal.

If you know anyone that has never played hockey or a continuing player who might need a little help getting started this year, please have them contact us

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